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A Celebration of Folk Music and Ozark Culture: Fayetteville Roots Fest 2014

So normally, when you think of “music festivals,” you might imagine a bunch of young people wearing strange neon clothing — or not even clothing at all — crazy loud music going well into the night, camping in hot temperatures, lots of boozin’ and partaking in substances, and partying until 6 in the morning.

Making Ripples

100 Ways to Make Ripples

We’re celebrating our 100th column with 100 ways to make ripples in the world!


Privacy In The Age of Information

The latest scandal to rock Hollywood hit the internet a couple of days ago.


Let's See Where This Goes

The other day I was in the bathroom at the grocery store, and it struck me that we don’t have any problem performing the basest of our bodily functions in the company of perfect strangers, but we have a problem looking another person in the eyes and saying hello.

Advice Advice Goddess

Beard-Death Experience

Nobody wants to be the one to tell a guy that his attempted sexy-man scruff is a ringer for a Hobbit’s feet or plant life struggling up after a nuclear winter.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Under the Light of the Full Moon

We must be patient Thursday, Sept. 4 – we may experience limitation and restraints, feeling we haven’t done or said enough. Carefully think through ideas before explaining.