100 Ways to Make Ripples

100 Ways to Make Ripples
Amanda Bancroft

Amanda Bancroft

We’re celebrating our 100th column with 100 ways to make ripples in the world!

1. Thank you for reading Ripples and making a difference!

2. Eat less meat.

3. Switch to fair trade products.

4. Buy organic produce.

5. Help a neighbor.

6. Donate to an effective charity like GiveDirectly.

7. Grow a garden.

8. Shop locally.

9. Adopt a child.

10. Fix a broken appliance.

11. Reduce, reuse, then recycle.

12. Start composting.

13. Have a fundraiser for charity.

14. Switch to renewable energy.

15. Bike to work or school.

16. Carpool to church.

17. Visit someone who’s lonely.

18. Make origami cranes for kids in the hospital.

19. Donate gently used clothing.

20. Write about a good deed you’ve done.

21. Teach a class on being compassionate.

22. Hug someone.

23. Help a stranger.

24. Carry groceries for the person in front of you.

25. Tip better.

26. Drink organic beer.

27. Go to the farmer’s market.

28. Learn about conservation.

29. Read The Life You Can Save

30. Stop using harsh chemicals.

31. Make herbal soap.

32. Repurpose an old item.

33. Plant a tree.

34. Collect rainwater.

35. Visit a fair trade coffee shop.

36. Meditate.

37. Downsize your home.

38. Don’t flush cat litter.

39. Learn about watersheds.

40. Build a bird feeder.

41. Create a wildlife-friendly yard.

42. Sponsor a child abroad.

43. Volunteer for a non-profit.

44. Learn about Effective Altruism.

45. Don’t mow wildflowers.

46. Bake vegan cookies.

47. Eliminate invasive non-native plants.

48. Pray for peace.

49. Love vibrantly.

50. Bring reusable bags.

51. Sew holes in clothes.

52. Learn canning.

53. Eat cage-free eggs.

54. Buy used clothing.

55. Build bamboo furniture.

56. Rescue an animal.

57. Help build hiking trails.

58. Study ecology.

59. Care for a sick person.

60. Offer a microloan.

61. Become a Master Naturalist.

62. Purchase cork flooring.

63. Adopt a pet from the shelter.

64. Use less electricity.

65. Take 5-minute showers.

66. Send recycled greeting cards.

67. Buy organic clothing.

68. Support local artisans.

69. Compliment someone.

70. Listen.

71. Purchase a conservation easement.

72. Stop erosion.

73. Raise chickens.

74. Build an earthship.

75. Learn about Capacity Building.

76. Volunteer in a nursing home.

77. Install a frog pond.

78. Make people laugh.

79. Eat locally.

80. Be kind to enemies.

81. Teach kids about trees.

82. Cook someone dinner.

83. Make a rain barrel.

84. Support interfaith projects.

85. Read often.

86. Watch documentaries.

87. Repair a friendship.

88. Use natural body products.

89. Support environmental justice.

90. Plant milkweed for Monarchs.

91. Call a distant relative.

92. Meet a foreigner.

93. Stop using pesticides.

94. Build a bee house.

95. Play the Glad Game.

96. Help educate underprivileged girls.

97. Read to your children.

98. Volunteer abroad.

99. Support cooperatives.

100. Ask questions.

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