Organizers Line Up At City Hall

Organizers Line Up At City Hall

About a dozen organizers for or against the Fayetteville civil rights ordinance are already lining up outside city hall for the 5:30 p.m. City Council meeting. They held up signs saying “No to 119.”

“We want to see the ordinance not pass,” said Megan Foresyth. “We don’t want the government to interfere with our first amendment rights. It shouldn’t regulate morality.”

Currently, only two people in favor of the bill stood outside city hall.

“I’m hoping everything stays civil. I don’t have any doubts for it getting passed,” said Stephanie Fox, who identifies as a member of the LGBT community. “Personally, I’ve never had issues. It’s blown into something that has nothing to do with it.”

Those against the ordinance were passing out flyers that had their arguments for why they are against it.

The flyer reads:

“IMPORTANT. You will face criminal prosecution for your religious beliefs. This Tuesday, Aug. 19th, the Fayetteville City Council will vote on Ch. 119, a proposed civil rights ordinance that will endanger the freedom of all people who live, work, or worship in the city of Fayetteville.”

On the back, the flyer lists example situations of how the ordinance may effect Christian business owners, landlords and attorneys who wish not to provide services to the LGBT community because of their beliefs.

For more info and a Q&A with city attorney Kit Williams, click here.



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