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Local Poet Focuses on 'Captial P' Poetry

Pamela Sue Hitchcock is dedicated to poetry. Not to her own poems in particular.

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Mars Enters Scorpio – The Nine Tests

Over the years I’ve mentioned the Nine Tests of Mars and Scorpio. The tests are given to everyone – unawakened, beginning to awaken, and the awakened.

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Locals Show Support for Migrant Children

Standing with signs that read “Stop Separating Families,” and “Immigration is an American Experience,” Northwest Arkansas residents gathered in solidarity at a fasting vigil for Latino migrant children Monday, July 21.


5 More Worthwhile Things to Spend Your Money on Than Some Bro’s Potato Salad

Millennials throw their money at stupid shit. Seriously. Thanks to the magic of the internet, young people with disposable income can be connected to people with dumb ideas faster than ever before.


Watch What You Put On The Internet

People overshare on a daily basis, and it’s not always sharing bad things.

Making Ripples

Why Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Perception can be a tricky thing when it comes to science. A flock of birds flying overhead may appear to negate the finding of their endangered status, or it could be the last flock of passenger pigeons in your neighborhood – a glimpse before their 1914 extinction.

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Tales From The Cryptic

If you do want more from the relationship, you may be able to get it, but expecting a man to read your thoughts is like expecting your dog to understand algebra.

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A Room of Requirement: DIY Venue Supports Local Arts

It was all kind of magical. For Friday night’s purpose, The Backspace, a DIY venue, became a low key sound house. While the 13 member Ozarka Orkestra — sitting in the middle of the floor of the 800-square-feet venue — acoustically played their Balkan folk music, members of the crowd danced all around them

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Fayettechill to Host Lifestyle Festival

Local retailer Fayettechill has been a constant advocate for the outdoor/chill lifestyle, and on the weekend of Aug. 22-24, they will be taking it to the next level by hosting the End of Summer Daze lifestyle festival focusing on “all that’s chill in the Ozarks.”

Advice Risa's Astrology

A Year of Creative Self-Expression – Jupiter in Leo

Wednesday, after a year in Cancer’s nourishing waters, Jupiter enters fiery Leo. Tuesday (next week), the Sun, joining Jupiter, also enters Leo.