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Realistic Cinema For Realistic Prices

By Terrah Baker Mike Bertrand was 14 when his dad asked him to fill in for a camera guy at a local TV station in Louisiana. After helping out for

Cover Story

Arkansas GED Testing Undergoes Changes

By Terrah Baker Ever heard the story of the starfish? I hadn’t either, until I talked with Deputy Director Jim Smith of Adult Education in the Arkansas Department of Career

Family Friendly

Yes Virginia There is a Police State

“Secret Service ran jamming devices so that all cell phones in the area went straight to voice mail but could not connect, again interfering with protesters’ (and uninvolved neighbors’) ability


Country Icon, Genuine Musician Comes To NWA

Milsap will be playing at the Walton Arts Center on Jan. 12.


Bombay Harambee Writes Catchy Tunes To Mosh To

J.R.’s Lightbulb Club in Fayetteville on Jan. 11.

Advice Advice Goddess

Down On His Luxe

By Amy Alkon I’ve always loved surprising my wife with expensive jewelry and lavish vacations. However, I lost my job, and my new job pays far less. There’s barely money

Making Ripples

Conservation Easements & Land Trusts 101

he Northwest Arkansas Land Trust states that…

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Lost Am I In Light Supernal, Yet On This Light I Turn My Back

By RisaD’Angeles We’re under the Light of Capricorn, the Light of Initiation. Capricorn is the 2nd of “two gates,” — Cancer (Gate into matter [womb]) and Capricorn (Gate back to

Features In The News

Quality of Life Overview for Arkansas, Washington County

By Terrah Baker It is said that the first step to solving a problem is recognizing that it’s there. That’s why each year since 2011 the Arkansas Community Foundation —


No Regrets

By Rachel Birdsell The other day, a friend and I were having an email discussion about regrets. More specifically, we were discussing me having an affair with a married man,