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Final Journey of the Magi — From Scorpio to Pisces to Epiphany

The week begins with Aquarius moon (Thursday morning). Appropriate for continuing the astrological Twelve Days of Christmas. The foundational knowledge in the Aquarian Age is the study of astrology. Which

Cover Story

Guantanamo: “Safe, Humane, Legal, Transparent”

By John LaForge Four more innocents were released from America’s Robben Island this month. Our offshore penal colony at Guantánamo Bay still holds 158 prisoners, 84 of whom have been


Archaeology and the Atom

By Kent Shifferd To keep updated on the Fukishima Nuclear Crisis, visit We have all heard of the city of Idu. Right? Thousands of families living there, carrying out


Win 2 Tickets To Broadway On Ice

Staff Report The Walton Arts Center turns its stage into an ice rink, for the first time! The Walton Arts Center will turn its stage into an ice skating rink

Family Friendly

Shatner’s World Sure To Surprise, Delight Fans

William Shatner is almost a world within himself. He doesn’t fit with any traditional, or even many eccentric molds, surprising even his most fervent fans with what projects he comes


Study Reveals Low National Rate of Frog Abnormalities on Wildlife Refuges

Largest study of its kind advances knowledge of indicator species, identifies regional hotspot clusters An unprecedented 10-year-study by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (the Service) shows encouraging results for


When Is a Good Time to be Ignorant?

Commentary by Justin Lloyd As the ole saying goes “there’s a time and place for everything.” It’s always an awkward time when you’re caught saying or doing something out of


Go Forth and Conquer

By Rachel Birdsell It’s New Year’s resolutions time! Last year, I came up with a list of resolutions that were easy to keep, such as eating more dark chocolate. This

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Kin I See You Naked?

By Amy Alkon I’m 22 and deeply in love with the wrong person — my uncle-in-law (my mom’s sister’s husband). We started confiding in each other, one thing led to

Making Ripples

Protect Pets Naturally

By Amanda Bancroft Pet owners who welcome winter as a break from fleas might be disappointed to know that fleas don’t hibernate. But winter is an ideal time to combat