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Comic Offers “Liberal” Perspective in Free Weekly Pages

By Terrah Baker If you’ve opened a Free Weekly in the last couple months, you may have noticed a certain comic strip on the first page. If you’re in anyway


Digging Up the Past … Without A Shovel

By Rachel Hamburg Rolled about a broomstick and jammed beneath a bed, a map of the old Prairie Grove-Fayetteville railroad waited to be discovered by a woman going through her

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The Grating Outdoors

By Amy Alkon This great girl I’ve been dating just invited me on a camping trip. Frankly, there is nothing I would like to do less. I hate camping, and


Religious Porn

By Rachel Birdsell If we’re to believe the researchers over at Case Western Reserve University, the more religious you are, the more likely you are to believe that you have

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Dancing to Support NWA Children’s Museum

By Terrah Baker Imagine a place in Northwest Arkansas where children can explore a projected 45,000 square foot museum, filled with themes from the past, present and future and an

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Seed Exchange at Tri Cycle Farms

Growing food is as old as, well, human civilization. The right to grow, harvest and save seeds is an integral and necessary part of that process. Since the invention and

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ONF Spreads The Love ($$)

The promise of Ozark Natural Foods co-op in Fayetteville when they paid off their $1.6 million ($15,000 a month) mortgage was to save shoppers money and invest in the local

Making Ripples

Walipinis: Grow Food Underground

By Amanda Bancroft A walipini is an underground greenhouse that lets you grow food year-round. The name “walipini” comes from the Aymara Native American language and means “a place of

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Mercury Direct, Mars & Saturn Retrograde, Lent

By Risa D’Engeles Friday morning (Feb. 28) Mercury in Aquarius turns stationary direct. Until Marsh 21 we remain under the shadow of Mercury retrograde. If we begin each day aligned

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The Intercept Keeps Up with Leaked NSA Documents

By Terrah Baker “The short-term mission is to provide a platform to report on the documents previously provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden … Their long-term mission is to produce