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One Woman Show, Around the World

By Frankc Berlanga-Medina When it comes to the subject of sex, relationships and amorous conquests, if we can be honest about it, there exists a double standard that favors men

Making Ripples

Chocolate Worthy of Love

I consider myself a chocolate lover, but some chocolate is worth loving more than others. There’s no reason to become righteous if we see someone indulging in a Hershey’s kiss,

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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces – Reflection & Review

By Risa D’Engeles Thursday, February 6th, Mercury makes its first 2014 retrograde (from 3 Pisces to 18 Aquarius). We’re familiar with generalized guidelines for Mercury retro. No major purchases, signing

Cover Story

Nonprofit Bridges Gap For Troubled Youth

By Terrah Baker Josh was 18 years old living in a tent in Walker Park when he first learned about the YouthBridge program. “At first it was just me….It was

Legacy Archive

An Order for Change

By Terrah Baker “So, for those of you on the right who are screaming about executive orders, your god, Reagan, appears to be leading the pack.” If we’re to believe


Dynamic Couples Show Off Simple Style

By Melissa Arens For the month of February we’re highlighting hip couples in Fayetteville, with not only a great original sense of style but exciting involvement in our community. Celi

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Cower Rangers

By Amy Alkon I read your recent columns about guys who are too shy to ask women out. You seem to think it’s okay for women to make quick judgments


Knowledge of Body is Strength in Yoga Instructor

It’s safe to say yoga has become extremely popular in recent years. The Yoga Alliance — the largest U.S. nonprofit organization offering certifications and teacher registries — has pushed out

Family Friendly

Ancient Women’s Tradition Finds New Life

In ancient cultures like that of Native Americans, Africans, Chinese and Christians, red was a symbolic color of the female strength, mystery and power. Because of this reverence towards womanly