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Making Ripples

The Science of Natural Cold Remedies

By Amanda Bancroft According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, there is no strong scientific evidence that natural remedies are effective against a cold or flu. They


Mi Amigo Calvin

By Ezequiel Perez Santiago As I sat in a plane on my way home late Saturday night all I could feel was despair. My eyes burned as the isolated silence

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A Good Time Was Jihad By All

By Amy Alkon “There are social conventions we all just know to adhere to, like that you don’t get to use other people’s ears as hampers for your relationship’s dirty

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Valentine’s Day Full Moon Lantern Festival

Friday is Valentine’s Day, a full moon in dramatic Leo (Aquarius solar festival) and Chinese Lantern Festival. A creative multi-festival celebration – full moon Valentine’s Lantern Festival party. It’s best

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White-Nose Syndrome Confirmed in Arkansas Bats

White-Nose Syndrome in bats has been devastating bat populations in 23 states and five Canadian provinces, confirmed so far. First documented in 2006 in Eastern New York, it has now


A Bigot’s Bar in the Burg

By Rachel Birdsell “Gary doesn’t seem keen to serve black people, gay people, people on welfare, disabled people, freaks, Muslims, Democrats nor anyone who can’t prove their white heritage at

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Volunteer Ballet Company Performs for Children

By Terrah Baker There’s something magical about a group of children watching professional dancers in multi-colored ballet dresses, tiaras and fairy wings, move gracefully in front of them while enchanting

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Unique Lounge Offers Relaxed Atmosphere

By Terrah Baker The Nines isn’t a place you would hear about on the radio or see in magazines (yes, until now of course), but word of the sophisticated, yet


Book Explores a Village Against the World

By Chad Pollock “Utopias aren’t chimeras, they are the most noble dreams that people have. Dreams that through struggle can and must be turned into reality.” — Sanchez Gordillo In