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Dedication To Lonesome George

Dear Editor: I am dedicating a large sculpture to the beloved Lonesome George, who passed away June 2012. He was more than 100 years old. He was discovered in the


Pope Francis: In The House

By Claire Ala 76 years old is the age of most retirees, but not for the new pope. Pope Francis was elected to take the place of the previous Pope

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Why Doug Stanhope Doesn’t Care What You Think

Staff Report Doug Stanhope has pissed off a lot of people in his day — luckily, he doesn’t care. “No one can give you shit that matters when there’s nothing


Weather Satellites: Critical Piece Of Nation's Infrastructure

Severe winter weather has been sweeping the country. New England was recently buried under one of the worst blizzards in recorded history.


Cutty Rye Releases Debut Album

“Chooch” Meisenbacher, sitting across the table drinking whiskey on the rocks in the afternoon, looks like a prototypical merrymaking country boy with full beard, long curly hair, and unbuttoned flannel shirt layering a local band tee.


There's a Savior In My Soup

By Rachel Birdsell When I was young and spending more time in a church pew than was necessary, I learned that Jesus commanded his followers to eat his flesh and

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St. Paddy's Day Celebrations To Make Irishmen Proud

Staff Report Fayetteville will be in full Irish bloom Sunday with events taking place in honor of the good ol’ Catholic Saint Patrick and community spirit. In the 1600s, close


Tweets Of The Literary World

In an age of sound bites, download apps, tweets and multitasking, the short story stands proud, an elegant choice in a fast-paced world. For the reader, short stories fit snuggly

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Behind The Looks Of NWA Fashion Week

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Today Designer Runway 7 p.m. • Esque + Solestruck • Kata Mari • Material Concepts • SOUL Yoga Lounge 8 p.m. UA Student Designers • Allsa May

Advice Risa's Astrology

Atrology Is…

Mercury retro in Pisces turns stationary direct Sunday (St. Patrick’s Day). Mercury stands still for three days before slowly moving forward. All that we held off (big purchases, decisions) can