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Scammed-From-Home Jobs

Thinking about working from home after seeing one of those promising advertisements online and in your local paper? Think again, or you may be out time and money said the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office. Most of these “jobs” are scams and pyramid schemes that promise income that never materializes. Basically, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


No More (Sales) Taxes!

For one weekend out of the year, locals can enjoy shopping without giving the government their slice of the commercialism pie. Of course, it only applies to items considered useful to students, but there’s a little student in us all. This Saturday and Sunday is the sales tax holiday for 2012. Also, be sure to shop local.


BBQ Bliss claims Fayetteville is No. 8 — with one being the best — in the nation for barbecue. There are about 14 restaurants dedicated to barbecue in our fair city. As for number one, Lexington, N.C., we say they’re next year’s No. 2.

Flower Powered Smiles

Jan Diederich of Friday’s Flowers and Gifts of Fayetteville delivered 130 Be Happy Mugs with donated flowers on July 25 to unsuspecting elders at the Culpepper Place assisted living home, as part of Make Someone Smile Week. “Some of these residents never have visitors … we just want to see them smile,” Diederich said.

And smile they did.


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