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Get Off Campus On The Trails

It’s not easy taking on the 22-mile trail system that runs throughout the city of Fayetteville and grows each year. The master plan, created by Fayetteville engineers, lays out 100 miles of trails at about two to three miles completed each year.


A Place Called Home

Fayetteville-born Megan Chapman and Stewart Bremner of Edinburgh, Scotland, are two abstract painters who are collaborating in a fascinatingly unusual manner.

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House Of Blurbs

Toad Suck Sucks
Toad Suck has been voted America’s “most unfortunate” town name in a global poll by Yep, it even beat out Climax, Ga., or Boring, Ore., and even Hooker, Okla.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Venus In Cancer — Overshadowing

This is our last week of Leo. The Sun enters Virgo Wednesday. The month is overshadowed by Venus in the sign of Cancer. Venus is the Soul (star) of the Earth, where our God (Sanat Kumara) came from and these mornings, Venus is the Morning Star. Mars is always in the news these days. But Mars is humanity’s past. Venus is our future. Returning to Mars is a retrograde action.


Trail Trekker Hits 3,000 Miles

“Stop!” screamed 76-year-old Tom Hapgood of Springdale as we entered one of the tunnels on Scull Creek Trail. I squeezed my bike brake as tight as it would go, and turned to see him staring at his mile meter.


Where Are The Watchdogs?

“The pack slumbered and only a few watchdogs rattled their chains.”
Alexander Cockburn, journalist

Advice Advice Goddess

Life Is What You Fake Of It

I’m in love. This person makes me feel like a shaken-up Coke bottle ready to explode with happiness! But, not even my therapist understands.


Louisiana Learnin’

Your governor is cutting funding from public schools and is funneling it into private schools that … use textbooks that state, “If a scientific theory contradicts the Bible, then the theory is wrong and must be discarded.”