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Bride And Zoom

I’m in love, and I just said yes to marrying the man of my dreams. We’ve only known each other for two months, but we’re in the Peace Corps. You


Clutter Assassin: Living with Less Stuff

By Amanda Bancroft ‘Tis the season of yard sales, and lately, I’ve been having urges to wipe out all clutter in our apartment. It’s almost like an itch I can’t


STOMP Into A New Season

…its becoming harder each year to find community arts programs that receive as much support as the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville.


Bobcat The Clown, Calms It Down

By Free Weekly Staff Does the name Bobcat Goldthwait ring a bell? If you were following comedy in the 1980s, it definitely will. If you follow dark, social comedy and


Compassion’s Been Proven to Work — Literally

By Terrah Baker “It’s OK to let go of the hard-line. We can drop the tight-lipped approach, brush away the judgments, open the doors of the jail cells and just

Family Friendly

Holistic Healing

“Understanding energy anatomy holds the key to true healing, rather than just masking our symptoms, because it offers a comprehensive and holistic view of how each of us co-creates health


Expletive Not Deleted

By Rachel Birdsell “There ought to be a room in every house to swear in. It’s dangerous to have to repress an emotion like that.” — Mark Twain Prague High


Epic Comedy To Start Things Off So Wrong

Special to TFW TheatreSquared’s Season 7 launches with the epic-scale comedy Noises Off, Michael Frayn’s fast-moving backstage farce, next week in downtown Fayetteville. Critically acclaimed as a modern comic masterpiece,


Twango, Mr. Dave Comes To Town

By Luke Simons It has been at least five years since David Lindley has been in our lovely town, and it sure is nice to have him back. Lindley is

Advice Risa's Astrology

Burning Man Under the Silvery Full Moon

Esoteric Astrology as news for week August 30 – Sept. 5, 2012 During Friday’s full moon, Virgo’s (9 degrees) solar festival, Burning May, is in full swing in the Nevada