Bobcat The Clown, Calms It Down

Bobcat The Clown, Calms It Down

By Free Weekly Staff

Does the name Bobcat Goldthwait ring a bell? If you were following comedy in the 1980s, it definitely will. If you follow dark, social comedy and Robin Williams today, it should.

His high-pitched, yet scratchy voice, often-outrageous clothing (or maybe that’s just the ’80s curse) and dark comedy made him a hit when he first appeared on the comedy scene.

During his career he’s written and directed films like “Shakes the Clown,” “Windy City Heat,” and “Sleeping Dogs Lie,” worked behind the scenes on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The Chappelle Show,” and may be best known for movies he starred in that were huge in the 80’s like “Hot to Trot” and the slew of “Police Academy’s.” Think the Jonah Hill and/or Seth Rogen of today.

His two latest films that display his directing talents, “World’s Greatest Dad” (2009) starring Robin Williams and “God Bless America,” (2011) have both received positive reviews on their dark comedic approach to societal views and their ability to allow viewers to escape from the mundane politeness of other films.

For his short stint in Fayetteville, happening at UARK Bowl on Dickson Street tonight and tomorrow night, he brings his comic talents in the form of stand-up.

The Free Weekly got a chance to talk with Bobcat to find out what audiences can expect, and he’s no longer the loud-mouthed, overly-energetic comedian he once was. Nowadays, he lets his comedic abilities shine through instead of the bright fringe.

“It’s new material, but I won’t be doing the cracked out Grover voice, so I’ll warn them in advance,” Bobcat said. “It’s mostly autobiographical, I try to tell stories about my own life and, hopefully, in a funny way.”

When first seeing him perform his routine in recent years, you wouldn’t recognize him as the ball of energy he once was. His comedy seems more honest, more relatable and of course dark as ever. Getting a glimpse into this successful comedian’s mind is sure to entertain, and remind us that things do change, and often for the better.

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