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Focus Your Obsession

We are all obsessed. There’s no denying it. One thing or another grips us and we cannot shake loose … for years, maybe. Maybe for a lifetime.

Advice Advice Goddess

Coma Sutra

I’ve been married for over 20 years, and though my wife and I have a very good relationship, she has a low sex drive and never initiates sex.

In The News

Fayetteville Recycling Survey

The city of Fayetteville is looking to collect information on current recycling habits and get opinions from residents on recycling changes for the future.


Underground To Seek New Home

Fayetteville Underground sent out a notice that the artistic venue will be looking for a new place after more than two years at the East Square Plaza building in downtown Fayetteville.

8 Days a Week

8 Days: July 14

Events & more in Fayetteville & NWA including CASUAL FLYZE & THE EARTH — 7 to 9 p.m. July 14, Gulley Park, Fayetteville. 575-8369.


Live Music: July 14

Live music and more including Sun Dog at Mojo’s Pints & Pies and Hardaway & The Commoners at Powerhouse Seafood in Fayetteville.


20 Years ‘On The Air’

July marks 20 years of “On the Air with Richard S. Drake” appearing on Fayetteville Public Access Television.


Goodbye, Yarnell's

After 75 years of production, Yarnell’s Ice Cream closed up shop late last month.

In The News

A Ride To Afghanistan

On July 19, Jacob will depart for Afghanistan where he did three tours of duty with the U.S. Army in the Joint Special Forces Command. This time he visits as civilian with the group Voices for Creative Nonviolence.


Damn Arkansan And The Name Game

DA: At the end of the day, we wanted a name that’s indicative of where we’re from. That and The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza was already taken. God, that’s a brilliant name.