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Family Friendly

All The Eggs In One Bus-ket

Nestled deep in the Ozarks in the town of Ponca, an old school bus that was converted to a free range chicken coop sits merely a stone’s throw from the blue water of the Buffalo River.

Family Friendly

Taste The Tomato Flavor

Got a hankering for some juicy red fruit? An event during the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market’s hours at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks this Sunday, July 24 just might satisfy that desire.

In The News

Old Sale Barn Issue Revisited

2011 is starting to look like the year for the ghost of issues past for the Fayetteville City Council.


Single Ticket Sales To Start

Single tickets for Walton Arts Center’s 2011-12 season go on sale Tuesday, July 26 at 9 a.m.



Maybe it’s too hot for some wine lovers to enjoy red wines, but some of us try will try anyway.


Images from Fayetteville’s past

Want to go really old school Fayetteville? How about a collection of photographs with descriptions of scenes from the city beginning in the late 1800s.


Eric Cantor's Excuses

Eric Cantor’s list of allergies


Ranking 'Harry Potter'

Now that the “Harry Potter” saga has come to a close, I present my personal ranking of each movie, from worst to first.


'Harry Potter' Finale

As a singular effort wrapping up an entire franchise “HPATDHP2” can’t help but be a tad anti-climactic, but it is a wholly-satisfying finale to what is unquestionably the greatest coming-of-age saga ever committed to film.


Sauvignon Blanc

More than 40 years ago, Robert Mondavi created something new from something old. He called his new style of white wine from sauvignon blanc grapes “Fume Blanc”.