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Family Friendly

Fundraiser For Neill

A fundraiser will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. July 31 at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville for Neill Williamson, a longtime George’s and Jose’s employee and Dickson Street fixture.


Live Music: July 21

Live music and more in Fayetteville and NWA

8 Days a Week

8 Days: July 21

Events, activities, art, contests and more in Fayetteville and NWA.


Otis Is A Soul Tree

Otis is coming to town. The band will play Saturday at the new stage at Kingfish in Fayetteville.


Shimmyfest Ready To Shake Its Thang

Shimmyfest will get some hips to shaking with belly dancing this weekend July 22-23 at the Clarion Inn in Fayetteville.


Hail To The … What?!!!

Before I got into stifling lumps in my throat and choking back tears as characters got offed — It was allergies. Seriously. I had something in my eye. — I was treated to a commercial that I still can’t make up my mind about.


Nekkid Flashes Some Pleasant Bits

Buck Nekkid is a new barbecue joint in town and resides in the building where Ryan’s was many moons ago. I was a little worried about what the clothing regulations were.


Don-De-Dieu Is Just Dandy

Don-De-Dieu is billed as a tripel wheat ale from Unibroue in Chambly, Quebec.


Christ And A Woolly Mammoth God

Last week in workshop, to deepen our understanding of character, we wrote character sketches of folks we knew well: real people in the real world. Then, we put these people in completely unfamiliar settings.

Family Friendly

All The Eggs In One Bus-ket

Nestled deep in the Ozarks in the town of Ponca, an old school bus that was converted to a free range chicken coop sits merely a stone’s throw from the blue water of the Buffalo River.