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6 Fashion-Savvy Fayettevillians

Photos and content by Emily V. Smith

Janette Balleza

1. Janette Balleza
Miss Janette of Fayetteville, owner and founder of Scribe Marketing, is rocking a daring dress-over-jeans combo that I simply adore. There is nothing sweeter than a flirty, sheer summer white over a pair of sturdy, outfit-anchoring denim. She keeps it seasonal by adding flat, strappy gladiator sandals and a lightweight scarf. Like a breath of fresh air, this small business owner knows how to mix it up to stay comfy AND sport business casual chic.

Lindsey Chacon

2. Lindsey Chacon
Lindsey of Bluebird Photography, located near the Town Center in Fayetteville, plays up her petite frame with ballerina-inspired accessories. With shades of blush pink mixed with shades of black and gray, she keeps her look playful and fun with legwarmers and a thigh-skimming skirt. Oh, how I love a dancer, and even if you aren’t Broadway bound anytime soon, take a cue from this savvy gal and try evoking a chorus member or two from “A Chorus Line.” This look is almost too fun not to try.

Shelby Johnson

3. Shelby Johnson
Shelby may only be 19, but this University of Arkansas student knows how to pull an outfit together. Grays and blacks make up the majority of her ensemble, but my favorite part is how she is not afraid to throw some brown into the mix. Although some folks don’t dare, there is absolutely no harm in mixing blacks and browns when done correctly. Just look how her simple, oversized bag pops against her blank palette ensemble. Textured tights pull her look together nicely, while adding depth and keeping her modest. You go, Shelby!

Chadwick Woodard

4. Chadwick Woodard
Chadwick, 21, is not the ONLY man I have seen recently worth style snapping with my lens, but, he is one of the coolest cats I have come across in a while. A man of few words, this quirky student keeps his simple outfit on the edge with little tweeks here and there, such as tight rolling his jeans and sporting no socks. Chadwick pairs a vintage, pale yellow shirt with skinny jeans for a day of errands with his girlfriend (see Shelby J.) and tops it all off with a fabulous pair of black, square-framed specs. Easy, breezy and all sweatshop-free, just like this guy likes it.

Lauren Leach

5. Lauren Leach
Lauren of Fayetteville shows off her style instincts by letting a vintage fedora take the lead. A showstopper topper for men and women alike, fedoras are hot (as in cool) all year around. Here, Lauren pairs a plain, black tank with destroyed vintage 1970s Levis, ridden with hole after glorious hole, (real distressing that can only be found when a piece has been loved and worn for years on end). A recycled leather necklace and large bangle complete the look, and with a go-to jeans and tank combo, Miss Leach looks like a million bucks.

Shayla Turner

6. Shayla Turner
Shayla of Fayetteville knows that mixing prints can be a grand occasion if you keep your outfit grounded with chunky, black wedges. Shayla, a true free spirit, is often inspired by her overactive bouts of creativity and her wild sense of style comes alive in her funky ensembles. Mixing prints has become quite the trend, and one that is worth trying. Who knows? You may end up looking as cutting edge and fashion forward as the spunky Ms. Turner!

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