Jeans Done Right

Local entrepreneurs create different, daring denim looks

By Emily V. Smith
TFW Contributing Writer

Jeans are nothing new. We all own a pair. Shucks, I know a handful of lovelies who have completely separate closets specifically for housing an ever-mounting denim collection and nothing more.

I also know one lady (well, most of the time, anyway) who, although a zealous fashion hound and exhibitionistic clotheshorse, owns but two measly pair. Of course, they are fabulous, irreplaceable, vintage Levi bellbottoms, but only two pair?
Come on now, Emily. Get with the program.

In hopes of finding a way out of this dreaded denim slump, I sought counsel from some of my favorite fresh-faced, local gal pals who know how to do denim right! And now that I have officially outed myself as someone in need of a little “jeans intervention,” hopefully my friends and I can also help a reader or two ease their way into some new denim styles.

Jade Terminella

(Contributor Photo: Emily V. Smith) Jade Terminella, proprieter of Lola Boutique

Local raven beauty Jade Terminella, 27, is the proprietor at Lola Boutique in downtown Fayetteville. But don’t let her age fool you, this little lady has been running the joint since it opened up seven years ago and has been steadily stocking her shelves with fabulous denim and a plethora of hard-to-find designer labels all the while.

Jade is a sweet and soft-spoken fashionable force to be reckoned with and has always sported a classic,
clean-lined style. Today, Jade wears cropped cigarette jeans with black ballet flats. Her linen tie-dyed blazer is from last season’s Elizabeth and James line, and she is super proud to keep such timeless pieces rotating through her wardrobe. Note her haphazard, pushed-up sleeves. Miss Terminella, you are the embodiment of effortless chic.

Jessica Graham

Jessica Graham, mastermind behind Mae's Emporium

Platinum princess Jess Graham, 31, is the lone mastermind behind the successful jewelry joint Mae’s Emporium, located on West Avenue in Fayetteville. If you have never taken an opportunity to venture inside the tiny space, you, dear friend, are missing out.

At barely 500 square feet, the decor and displays are impeccable. This vintage bauble heavenly haven is literally bursting at the seams with some of the most beautiful and unique treasures you could ever hope to find. And the best part? Each piece was unearthed, meticulously, hand-chosen and brought back to life by Mrs. Graham’s petite little hands. And this woman has style and a keen eye for keeping her store completely in a class all it’s own.

Jess shows her fun and breezy “Casual Americana” look with checkered plaid and dark, skinny jeans rolled to show off her jeweled sandals. This mom of two spunky blonde boys keeps it “no muss, no fuss” when she is wrangling her brood AND manning the Emporium, and her refreshing style never skips a beat.

Jordan Bartholomew

Jordan Bartholomew, proprieter of V.S. Mobley's General Store

Jordan Bartholomew is a tall drink of water. At more than six feet tall, with long, golden locks, Jordan’s commanding beauty and charisma are all the more apparent as she enters a room.

She is the sweet-faced, young proprietor of V.S. Mobley’s General Store in downtown Fayetteville, and her fabulous sense of style is embodied within. Her open-air store is stocked with one-of-a-kind housewares, local art and other intriguing home decor intermingling with each other like strangers at a happening cocktail party. The aesthetic at V.S. Mobley leaves you feeling a little more cultured and refined than when you arrived, and it’s all thanks to Mrs. Bartholomew’s superb sense of style.

Today, Jordan, new mom to a sassy baby girl Roe, keeps it simple in dark, bootcut denim and a fresh, grass green top. Her blonde hair is left to fall loose about her shoulders and she sports flats when holding down the fort.

As far as casual denim goes, these young, successful business ladies continue to get it right. Thanks for the delicious denim tips, girls!

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