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Letting Go On The Journey

We talked about road trip movies: “Easy Rider,” “Thelma and Louise,” “Badlands,” “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou,” “Sideways,” others. In all of these stories there is a sense of freedom that can only come from being in a car (or on a bike), speeding down a highway, passing fields and towns … maybe having run-ins with the law.


Pinot Blanc, The Other White Grape

Want to try something that tastes like a really expensive Chardonnay but is only $11? If yes, continue. If no, feel free to lick the cork of a $50 bottle of Cakebread while you stitch together a suit made out of money.


3 Movies Crammed In One Dress

A good comedy is like a speedboat, it is quick, nimble and a whole lot of fun. The new movie “Bridesmaids” is more like an oil tanker as it chugs along barely able to maneuver under its tremendous mass.