Going Rogue

Dur, it's Hatso.

If you haven’t noticed already, Rogue Pizza Co. is making a major push to be a big player in the live music scene on Dickson Street.
Check Rogue’s calendar (www.letsgorogue.blogspot.com) and you’ll see the venue has acts booked every Wednesday through Saturday in the month of February and some other dates as well. Haley Shelton is the new booking agent there, and I’m told she was previously the mastermind behind booking such notable live music venues as Juanita’s and Sticky Fingers.
Rogue is pulling in emerging local acts such as Rollo Tumasi, new acts comprised of established local performers such as Shulertown, emerging national acts such as Jarrod Gorbel and more. Gorbel’s show — on Presidents Day, Monday, Feb. 21 — should be an interesting one. The New York-based performer is known for his meloncholy songs, counterbalanced by comedic outbursts between songs. From his bio: “Gorbel offers almost Tourrettes-like, profanity-laced observations on topics like burritos, masturbation and alien abductions.” Check out some of his YouTube posts and you’ll find Gorbel impersonating his father while discussing his mother’s sex appeal as well as the performer weeping magnificently — and sarcasticly — while REM’s “Everybody Hurts” plays in the background.

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