The Zen Of Advertising

Amber Kruth (

All companies get negative attention. Shoot, I’m in the media business; I should know.
People are drawn to the dirt like horseflies on a sweltering August afternoon. We all know that we should focus on the positive. I’m going to take the opportunity to do that today.
I’m recently transitioning into the realm of sales. Being a simplistic, kind soul with a Buddistic nature, there is a natural hesitation by my humanistic mind. I’ve made a shift in understanding that I believe is monumental in my embrace of humanity. Advertising allows people to have a choice, a fundamental privilege of democracy. True, the massive companies with sizable budgets have the luxury to invest more into the promotion of their products and services, but it should be a proportional investment for all businesses. Like savings for individuals, it is a nest egg that will likely produce greater returns in the future.
Marketing is beneficial for the consumer, for knowledge of their options, and is necessary for the business to capitalize on the potential of their clientele. It’s not a take-take. It is a give-give. This shift in my perspective, looking at the same scenario, has helped me ease into the acceptance that I can be a sales consultant.
My first concentration is one of Northwest Arkansas Newspapers’ — doing business as NWA Media — latest promotions: NWA Deal Piggy.
A growing trend across the nation, is the first online deal-of-the-day site in the area. Tulsa has one. Branson has one. Little Rock has one. Most major cities do (ref: GroupOn, LivingSocial). It is a one-day special for businesses featuring a
50 percent to 90 percent discount that can only be purchased through this site. If you’re a consumer the brilliance is its simplicity. Sign up at Click the link on the confirmation e-mail and you’ll get a daily e-mail describing the deal-of-the-day. Go to the site, click “Buy Now” and you will have a voucher to print off under “My Deals” the very next day. It’s all the good of Black Friday tempered in the tranquility of your own home. The vouchers have an expiration date so you have time to redeem the offer.
The fascinating thing, from a business perspective, is that there is zero advertising cost. The site markets the offer in print, online and across the airways, providing purchasing clients directly to your storefront. The bottom line helps stimulate the local economy because largely these are locally owned stores.
NWA (Northwest Arkansas) Deal (bargain for everyone) Piggy (Woo Pig Sooie) reminds me of TFW (The Free Weekly). Think about it … how can something so awesome be so incredibly thrifty? Shoot, TFW is free. Is anything in this world free? That may be a philosophy for another day, but bottom line is there are earnings and there are savings. It’s the balance of life. Isn’t it nice to save while you gain?
To learn more about NWA Deal Piggy, contact me at

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