Peace Gardens

Visit some of Fayetteville’s most peaceful and beautiful gardens on Saturday during the OMNI Center’s annual Peace Gardens Tour. This year’s tour features eight uniquely different gardens. OMNI established the tour five years ago to celebrate the relationship between nature and inner and world peace. The self-guided tour will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and tickets are $10. For tickets and information visit or call 442-4600. Here is information on the featured gardens:

Dwain Cromwell’s “Moon in the Water Peace Garden,” 335 E. Baxter Lane. An Ozark-Zen shade rock garden with Japanese maples, painted ferns, hostas, peonies, lilac, lilies and herbs, a bird feeding station, a custom lodge pole pine bench, winding paths and a Zen meditation rock area.

Emily Kaitz’s “Emily’s No-Plant-Left-Behind Peace Garden,” 5 E. Davidson St. A small terraced rock garden that according to Kaitz is somewhat chaotic. Every foot of the yard is enhanced with flowers, terraces and rocks. A variety of plants including daffodils, grape hyacinth, iris and lilies — including the spectacular Leslie Woodruff lily — cornflowers, daisies, myrtle, larkspur, coreopsis, peonies, roses and phlox. The garden blooms continuously from March through July.

Hamsa and Moshe Newmark’s “Bamboo Peace Garden,” 1039 E. Overcrest St. A graceful forest of bamboo with a variety of species including the Phyllostachys Atrovaginata, commonly called “Incense Bamboo” that can grow up to 35 feet tall in 90 days. An octagon cedar meditation temple was built for meditation and contemplation of peace to create a “magnetic charge” or spiral of peace that builds with each person’s participation and focus.

“Marki Thompson’s “Peace Garden,” 412 Ila St. A large variety of plants, arranged in classical symmetry with four raised beds in the center separated by wide walkways with two attractive buildings, sculpted birds and other animals.

Nancy Maier’s “Blue Birds of Peace Garden,” 951 Missouri Way. An Ozark flagstone tree-shaped patio designed by Quinn Landrum and built by Quinn and his father, M.M. Kent. The center is a single orange stone sun. Next to the patio is a terraced area with birdhouses, vegetables, flowers and a Zen sand garden. Before the garden was completed, a pair of bluebirds had built a nest and raised a family.

Cathy Boyd’s “Peace Trees Garden,” 2008 W. Cleveland St. A large yard covered by tall trees and a variety of flowers around a patio and pool area. Walk from the more formal garden into the park-like yard canopied with tall, enduring trees.

Frank and Marty Burggraf”s “Garden of Peace and Tranquility,” 517 E. Prospect St. This new garden has vibrant front and backyard gardens with the backyard the chief attraction. In a corner of the garden is a greenhouse where many of these plants had their beginning

Susan Shore’s “Love You to Peaces Garden,” 232 W. Adams St. The front yard is a work-in-progress intended to replace grass on the front lawn. There’s a sizable front bed with purple smoke bushes, ornamental grasses, and trellises fashioned of ice-storm-damaged limbs. The backyard is bird-friendly with many bird feeders.


The heat is awful and the students are gone — two strikes against the clubs having any music worth a damn, but alas, there’s some extra hot shows happening this week. Tonight, at George’s catch Dreamfast, Silverstone and 10 Years, you’ll be impressed it you haven’t heard these locals. Friday is a big night at George’s-a happy hour show with (drum roll) the Cate Brothers. Saturday night George’s has urban rockers Hardaway & The Commoners. Sunday night is a big night. Two restaurants have fab shows happening with Candy Lee and The Sweets at Greenhouse Grille and Garrett Jones and Drew Packard doing jazz at Emelia’s Kitchen. JJ’s in Fayetteville will be the place to hear some fine local songwriters on Monday and Tuesday night. Will Gunselman will be there Monday night and Jeff Fox on Tuesday night. Wednesday night George’s will have Ohio’s poppy alt rockers Lovedrug, Greenhouse Grille will host smooth jazz group Luda and the fabulous Sarah Hughes will be at the new eatery and bar, Mojo’s in Oak Plaza Shopping Center, just north of campus. So, park yourself in front of a cool-one and enjoy some tunes.


Ultra Studios, just south of the Fayetteville square, is a bastion for locally designed wearables and art. Tonight and next Thursday night, two special events are taking place. From 7 to 9 p.m. today, a new show featuring the paintings and wearable art of Sarah Norsworthy will be featured. There will be a performance by local rockers Fauxnz (Sam King, Zack Wait, Brian Abel and maybe more). Next Thursday, June 17, will be the “Summer Lovin’ Trunk Show” that will showcase the clothing designs of Leslie Pennel and jewelry by Brandy Thomason, the creator of the Bella Vita jewelry line. Summer Lovin’ is from 6 to 8 p.m. and both events are free.

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