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Make Election Day A National Holiday

In the last presidential election in 2012, 56.6 percent of all voting-age Americans participated in the election. That’s pretty dismal.


Baby Steps, Fayetteville

Congratulations to the LGBT population, and all of Fayetteville with the passing of Ordinance 5781 last week.


JAWS 4: The Editor Returns

For the past month I’ve been on my ass in recovery from a double jaw surgery I needed to get for tons of reasons.


The Technical Sexual Evolution

It’s no secret that technology and sex go hand in hand.


It’s Time For Love To Win

The Supreme Court Justices announced on Friday, Jan. 16 that they are going to step into the gay marriage debate, bringing a final say to the issue once and for all.


Making Cents In The Music Industry

So earlier last week, U2 released their newest album, “Songs of Innocence,” to every iTunes user for free. Yes, if you haven’t checked your “purchased” tab on iTunes you’ll find their album waiting to be downloaded.

Cover Story

A Festival of Love: A Greenhorn’s Wakarusa Experience

By Nick Brothers After the sun set on Mulberry mountain Friday night, The Flaming Lips took the stage. I was one person in a sea of 19,000, and it was