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Self-taught artists visit Eureka Springs

By Rachel Birdsell TFW Contributing Writer Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting two very talented, yet very different artists who were showcasing their work in Eureka Springs. James Dean


Win! / Fail :(

Peyton Hillis had another great week with his 102 yards rushing and a touchdown aiding the Browns to a win over division-rival Bengals.



The Best Vistas For Altered Perceptions (hypothetically speaking) Disclaimer: The Free Weekly does not encourage its readers to violate the laws of the land, including smoking, snorting or otherwise ingesting

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Best Buy waging war on GameStop

Big Retailers Laying The Smack Down On Specialty Chains By Mark Taliaferro TFW Contributing Writer Video games have always been readily available at several stores, such as Walmart and Best

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Bikes, Blues – Saturday Schedule

Saturday, Oct. 2 8:00am – 1:00am Beer Gardens Open 8:00am – 9:30am Stokes Air Battle of the Bikes – Registration 10:00am – 11:00am Stokes Air Battle of the Bikes –

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Beer Bavarian-Style

Konig Ludwig is an imported Bavarian weissbier from the Kaltenberg brewery, near Munich. The Bavarian Royal Family has operated the brewery for nearly 700 years.

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Pet of the Week

In addition to Baxter, the Pet of the Week for Sept. 30, the dog from last week, Houston, is still available for adoption.

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The Tried And True Triad

I’m going to write about three Northwest Arkansas institutions that consistently have good food, good atmosphere and good service. I could call it something like the Tried and True Triad — or the Tried and True Trinity if I felt especially biblical.