Best Buy waging war on GameStop

Best Buy waging war on GameStop

Big Retailers Laying The Smack Down On Specialty Chains

By Mark Taliaferro

TFW Contributing Writer

Video games have always been readily available at several stores, such as Walmart and Best Buy, but GameStop has always been the store with the best dedication to games and gamers. Not anymore.

There’s a retail war taking place in the weekly advertisements that come with the Sunday papers. Best Buy, Walmart and Target are no longer content to simply sell games and hope people buy them because they’re convenient.

The three mega-retailers are now offering preorder bonuses and purchase bonuses, and in the case of Best Buy, both.

When “Halo: Reach” came out earlier this month, Best Buy was offering a $20 gift card in the store when you bought the game, plus 500 Reward Zone points (the equivalent of $10) if you preordered the game.

That’s $30 just for buying a $60 video game. Best Buy really, really wants your business.

Target and Walmart have not been left behind. Both stores occasionally offer $10 gift cards with game purchases, though Walmart’s offers often only apply to online purchases.

Regardless, all these stores are fighting for gamers’ attention in a way that benefits the gamers.

Next time you think about buying a new release, check the Sunday ads first to see if there’s a great deal somewhere.

▲ Mark is an experienced former journalist with a passion for games, both video and board.

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