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Diversity, Inclusion, Movies: Bentonville Film Festival is meaningful fun

Grab your popcorn and your favorite movie buddy. The Bentonville Film Festival plans to open even stronger than recent years with a free screening series, celebrity coffee talks, panels, NFTs


Arkansas Mass Executions And Christian Nonviolence

Arkansas is set for a mass execution of eight people within a 10 day period, starting April 17.


Tom Cotton v. The People

It was thrilling to be in the room, and seeing democracy — even though it was ugly at times — in action was both a privilege and an honor to be a part of.

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Sex Trafficking In Arkansas Continues To Be A Concern

In Arkansas this year alone there have been 26 human trafficking cases reported, and 23 of those cases were sex trafficking cases.


How Medical Cannabis Will Be Implemented in Arkansas

It’s in the history books, folks. Arkansas is the first state in the Bible belt to pass medical marijuana.

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Issue 7 Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act Struck Down

Last week in a 5-2 decision, the Arkansas Supreme Court invalidated more than 12,000 signatures for the Medical Cannabis Act ballot measure, known as Issue 7. Votes for the act will no longer be counted.

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The Essential Arkansas Fall Foliage Guide

Calling all ye Instagrammers, Snapchatters and photo-graphers — it’s about to be prime time fall foliage in the Arkansas Ozarks.

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The Man Behind Baum Field: UA Groundskeeper Wins National Award For Mowing Design

The next time you call the Hogs during a home game at Baum Stadium, be sure to also shout “Woo pig soooie, Winners of the Sports Turf Managers Association’s third annual ‘Mowing Patterns Contest’ — Razorbacks!”


Islamaphobia Is Not The Answer, Governor

This past Monday, Nov. 16, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced that he will oppose entry to Syrian refugees to Arkansas.


Senator Tom Cotton, Your Pants Are On Fire

Lucky for all 2.9 million of us Arkansans, Tom Cotton is one of our senators and therefore represents us on a national level.