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Planned Parenthood Protests Continue

Protesters for and against the U.S. Congress’s proposed defunding of Planned Parenthood stood with signs expressing their views on the debate outside the regional clinic’s office off Crossover Road in Fayetteville last week.

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Urban League Returns to Arkansas

The National Urban League opened its first-ever chapter in Northwest Arkansas during a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Center for Nonprofits in Springdale, Ark. Friday.

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Jeff’s Journey: Transitioning In Arkansas

Jeffery Augustine Castellano is just a normal guy, trying to exist, exist in peace.

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Arkansas Senate Bars Local Protections For LGBTQ

A controversial law that will bar Arkansas cities from drafting civil rights laws similar to Fayetteville’s Ordinance 119 passed late Monday, Feb. 23.

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Fine Folk: Eureka Springs to Host Ozark Mountain Music Festival

The weekend of Jan. 22, the Ozark Mountain Music Festival will return to the hills of Eureka Springs, Ark., and try to bring with it the atmosphere — and attitude — of a summer music festival.


Arkansas Sound: A Look at Some of NWA’s Albums from 2014

It’s been a fantastic year for new music. Artists and bands of Northwest Arkansas haven’t been messing around either. A total of 12 albums, 12 singles and 16 EP’s were released by local artists in 2014.


The Turning of the Emerald Tide

Marijuana, whether medical or recreational in the states, appears to be picking up momentum as a reality in the U.S. Possibly within the next decade.

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Republicans Win Senate, House, Governor: Arkansas Mid-Term Election Results 2014

In a landslide, Republican candidates swept the Arkansas mid-term 2014 general election.

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'Science Guy' Calls on Generation to 'Change The World'

Bill Nye was greeted by thunderous cheers and applause, and thousands of phone cameras pointed at him. He looked aghast, then took his own phone from his pocket and made a video for himself of the sea of people who greeted him.