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8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Feb. 19 (Friday) Virtual Architecture Tour — 11:30 a.m., Crystal Bridges Museum via Zoom. Free. 657-2335 or “Virtual Voyage through Arkansas Black History” — Presented by the Arkansas Martin

Making Ripples

To Stack Or Not To Stack?

What some consider art, others call vandalism AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Editor’s Note: Amanda Bancroft is busy dealing with living off-grid in a major winter storm. This column first ran

Male Call

Moth repair and prevention for sweaters and suits

Q. I have a favorite cardigan sweater from Scotland that has some holes — I imagine from moths. Can these be sewn by a tailor so my shirt does not

Risa's Astrology

Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox niú (牛) & Valentine’s Day

It is also the year of all bovine cattle – the Cow, Bull, Yak, Water Buffalo. The terrestrial earthly branch symbol chǒu (丑). The Chinese system of the zodiac (circle

Advice Goddess

Job Corpse and Stainless Steal

Job Corpse My girlfriend of a year is beautiful, intelligent, sweet, and loving and the first woman I could see having a future with. Last week, I was told I’m

Cover Story

‘Twisted, Beaded, Braided’: Fiber arts go beyond traditional domestic function

BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “I think fiber artists are often overlooked in the art world,” says John Rankine, a photographer and multi-media artist himself. He’s also one of the owners of


Look To The Hills

Little Theatre brings music back to Springfield BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “For me, the greatest message is the spiritual message conveyed in ‘The Sound of Music,’” says Northwest Arkansas actor Jennifer

Making Ripples

Environmental Ups And Downs

AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples The journey to move off the utility grid into a solar-powered cabin has so absorbed the bulk of our time over the past three years that


Taking TikTok By Storm

Bentonville teen performs with Broadway legend BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Slate magazine called TikTok “the app where Gen Z vies for 15 seconds of fame.” “Teenagers and young people are the