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Jupiter Retrogrades in Libra – Are We Balanced, Are We Gracious?

Here we are already in February, the month of Aquarius & Pisces, of Groundhog Day (Candlemas Day, Imbolc, cross quarter day between winter & spring), Valentines, Chinese new year, the Lantern Festival at the full moon, birthdays of presidents Lincoln & Washington, and for this year, the month of two eclipses (lunar Feb. 10, solar Feb. 26). February also informs us that spring (March 20th) is one month away.

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Savings And Alone

Candlelight all over your apartment is really romantic — unless you’re using it because they’ve cut your power off again.


Trump’s First Week Will Have Lasting Damage

It’s been about two weeks of President Donald Trump, and we’ve already experienced an international embarrassment with an immigration ban on passengers from seven Muslim-majority countries that had to be blocked by the Judicial branch.

Making Ripples

Money From Harm Or Help: The Eco Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

Between every bite and within every second of our lives comes the question of how to sustain ourselves and our families.


Out of Words, Outside Logic

Well, it’s official: Donald Trump is the least American American president in the history of the office. He has zero concept of what this country stands for, and the last week has gone above and beyond to prove that.

Cover Story

Fayetteville Officials Celebrate Black History, Announce Events

Fayetteville officials celebrated the diversity of Fayetteville and its black history by honoring its African American owned businesses at a black history month press conference, Tuesday, Jan. 31