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‘White privilege’ Makes Some Uncomfortable

Until that moment, I never saw clearly that society stacked the deck in my favor, giving me benefits not available to minorities. It was sobering. Later, I learned that sociologists call my advantage “white privilege.”

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You Deserve A Breakup Today

Ideally, “till death do us part” doesn’t lead to daydreams involving a shovel and a tarp.

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Lunar Eclipse – Something Disappears

Friday afternoon/early evening we have the Aquarius solar festival and full moon with the first lunar eclipse of 2017.

Making Ripples

Animals in Love Part I: Monogamy Myths

If we could talk with animals, we could ask them if they loved that special valentine of theirs, commonly referred to as a mate.


Santa Clarita Diet Breathes New Life Into The Genre of the Living Dead

“Santa Clarita Diet” only popped up on my radar a month or so ago with a clever, minimalist ad campaign that gave away just enough to intrigue: this is a show where Drew Barrymore eats people, and Justified’s Timothy Olyphant plays her relaxed stoner husband.

Cover Story

A Conversation with Singer-Songwriter Adam Torres

Adam Torres’ music is like the beauty of the desert — lonesome, vast, tranquil and serene.


Review: Summers In Space by The Bends

The power blues trio out of Pittsburg, Kan. are about to unleash a scuzzy tour de force upon us mere mortals.


Crystal Bridges Announces Hearty February Events

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art invites visitors to explore the newest temporary exhibition, Valentine’s-related events and participate in a variety of art programs in February.


Downtown Arts Venue Announces Grand Opening Events

Fayetteville’s newest performance art venue and bar is officially open.

Legacy Archive

Bannon’s Coup

Stephen K. Bannon, Donald Trump’s chief strategist, has been elevated to the Principals Committee of the National Security Council, the top tier of national-security policymakers.