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Labors of Hercules – from Cancer to Leo

Each of the twelve signs provides humanity with a task, a specific labor, which helps humanity recognize and step upon the Path of Return.

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People Who Needle People

Yesterday, on the phone with my boyfriend, I had to ask him to repeat something he’d just said because I’d become briefly mesmerized by a big fern shimmying in the breeze. No, sadly, I wasn’t all “Sorry, I missed that bit because my couch caught fire.” The man was competing for my attention with a plant.


Folk Musician Kelly Mulhollan Headlines Monthly Nightbird Event

Known far and wide for his work with prolific folk music duo Still on the Hill, Kelly Mulhollan will celebrate a different talent, that of author, when he takes the podium Tuesday evening, July 26 at Nightbird Books.

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Organic and Fair Trade Clothing Guide: Local and Online Shopping Options Abound

Organic and fair trade certified apparel is now common enough that it’s possible to buy t-shirts on sale for less than $10 locally, or go online and become virtually overwhelmed with fashionable, practical options from too many companies to count.

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Hummingbirds: Jewels of the Air

Summer is the perfect time to catch a glimpse of our visiting Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in between their spring and fall migrations to tropical climates.


Q&A: Willi Carlisle

Willi Carlisle is a man who bears a heavy heart and mind, and employs a descriptive command of language.


Pokémon App Creates National Craze

This game is absolutely unprecedented. When it was announced, Pokémon fans rejoiced, but in all honesty, none of us had a fraction of a clue.

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“No Conflict Has Ever Been Solved with Violence”

The inside of Obama’s head must be a fascinating place.

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Minimalist Wardrobe Tips

Suffocating under all that stuff? Often our wardrobes are the simplest way to downsize and make a difference for our budget, mental health, charities, and the environment.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Venus, Evening Star, Calling Us to Vespers

On Thursday, July 14, Venus becomes the Evening Star in our night sky. setting a few hours after sunset. Venus remains a bright glittering “star” until December 31, the last day of 2016.