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Undeterred: Amid Terror Attacks in Europe, U.S. H-bombs Still Deployed There

At the Kleine Brogel base, there are an estimated 20 U.S. B61 nuclear bombs to be carried and delivered by the Belgian Air Force’s F-16 fighter jets. Yet these weapons “did not come up in news coverage following the [March 22] Islamic State bombings in Brussels,” Arkin wrote for NewsVice.

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Arkansas Nonprofit Empowers Child Soldiers in the Congo

After 96 hours of traveling through Ethiopia and Rwanda, tightly packed in various vehicles in central Africa’s humid heat, we walked across the border into the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Why is the Orlando Murderer’s Gender Not Central to the Story?

The massacre in Orlando was carried out as an act of rage. By a man. Who had access to military-grade weapons. And had unmet mental health and trauma needs.

Advice Advice Goddess

The Gift Of Blab

Being compatible with somebody doesn’t mean you’re like them in all ways.

Risa's Astrology

Signs of Summer & Chiron Retrogrades

Beginning at summer solstice, and for 72 hours after, the Sun remains still in its northern position at the Tropic of Cancer.


Slam Poet Ready For Nightbird Reading

She might be young, but she’s already an old pro.

Making Ripples

Our Resident Roadrunners

With a nickname like “snake killer” and a running appearance similar to a Velociraptor, the Greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) is an attention-grabbing bird we’re lucky enough to glimpse occasionally in Northwest Arkansas.

Legacy Archive

Cowgirl Diplomacy? Foreign Policy Under Hillary Clinton

America’s mainstream media, ever attracted to the splashy rather than the serious, has a new topic to occupy the time until Election Day: President Trump. What will he do first?


Applauding Joe Biden

Biden’s heartfelt note of solidarity moved me to tears, and his continued advocacy for ending rape culture represents some of the best of Washington, D.C.