Pisces Sun, Full Moon & Lantern Festival

Friday, the Sun enters Pisces, sign of the fishes, and symbol of “saving humanity.” Pisces is esoterically known as the “Light of the World.” Pisces light “ends forever the darkness (ignorance, cruelty, hopelessness, evil, etc.).

Pisces is known for its Saviors, sacrifice, and sense of dying to the world. Saviors appear periodically on Earth, dying to their state of Paradise, sacrificing themselves to help in the struggles of humanity. Their words, the keynote of Pisces, “I leave the Father’s House in order to serve & save humanity.” Christ was our last and present (Pisces/Aquarius) World Teacher & “Savior.” This is His season, the season of Lent. We stand with Him in the desert. Do you know a Pisces?

Monday, Feb. 22, Washington’s birthday, and mine, too. I celebrate my birthday by tithing and doing things that create a template of beauty & balance for the rest of the year. Join me, everyone.

Monday is also full moon, the 3 degrees Pisces solar festival. It is also the Chinese Lantern (floating, fixed, held, hung, flying) Festival. Lanterns floating, fixed, held, hung, flying – in our homes, around windows & doors, in the trees, glow in the winter light, bright with blessings and full moon dreams for the new year. The Lantern Festival began during the Han Dynasty (25 -220 AD). Emperor Hanmingdi watched monks light lanterns in the temples greeting the Buddha on the first of the new year (spring). The emperor ordered all temples, households and palaces to light lanterns on that evening from then on. The lanterns symbolize the loosening of the past and the welcoming of a new phase and a new year. The red of the lanterns symbolize prosperity, auspiciousness and good fortune.

ARIES: It’s good to enter into solitude and retreat for a while. This builds strength and confidence. Your ruler (planet influencing Aries), Mars, calls you to a place of shelter, refuge, sanctuary, an inner harbor, so you can reflect upon the past and make plans quietly for the coming times, festivals and seasons. This is a gift of time and contemplation. Attend church.

TAURUS: You find yourself constantly thinking about groups. It’s because they need your quiet, efficient, illuminating mind, practical direction and determined focus. Behind all your words and ideas are these realities; it’s time to salvage (restore) the world and much sacrifice must come from all of us. When you lead, everyone follows.

GEMINI: What talents and abilities do you want to be recognized for in helping to construct the new world? What gifts of self do you want to offer as part of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS)? A task of the NGWS is to radiate forth new ideas that become an ideal within humanity to create the new culture and civilization. What are your thoughts on these things? Actually, where are you?

CANCER: An interesting situation is occurring. You now have the freedom to choose one or more of many paths. Your life becomes filled with possibilities and potential. You will be impressed with complex information while simultaneously perceiving multiple realities. You have entered a new journey, a new path, a higher mind understanding, a brilliance.

LEO: You might find that religious themes form an important area of study. Altruism becomes your keynote and people begin to perceive you as philosophical, idealistic and visionary. You will have inspired insights that assist first yourself and then others. You imagine other lands, people’s cultures and worlds. It’s good to build a boat, eat fish, swim in warm waters.

VIRGO: At times you find yourself functioning in other worlds and feel compassion for others growing daily. Be very aware of shared finances and resources and never feel deprivation. There is no deprivation. There is only goodness, everywhere. God is always good. Some obligations and responsibilities call. Serve like Mother Theresa.

LIBRA: Libran’s always yearn for “the other,” striving to harmonize intimates, friends, family, business colleagues and loved ones. Through others we step outside ourselves. Others invite us to grow and become more whole. It’s painful. Relationships, especially family, hone our rough edges. This is the design embedded within relationships. What is your story?

SCORPIO: This is a time set aside to care for your health. Know that you are the best there is. And now, do you have a long held dream and/or vision? Do not become disillusioned. This will affect your health. Do not overwork or allow any excessive worry. You will never fail. You are never lost. There is only the journey. Right now.

SAGITTARIUS: There are times you may struggle with disillusion and disappointment concerning relationships and professional endeavors. In the midst of these you find a surge of creativity and recognition in the world. Feeling your inner powers still to be expressed, you long to do something significant. You’re talented and lucky. Sometimes sacrifice plays a part. You need \peace and seclusion in a big garden.

CAPRICORN: Communication is most important now. You look beneath the surface of words people are speaking to understand the complete picture. If we listen to communications through the question “what needs are being expressed here?” the hidden psychological messages become clear. Seek solitude when creating, writing or doing imaginative work. You only confide in the very few.

AQUARIUS: You can be very generous now. However, you can also be dreamy and/or imaginative about your money. You have a sense of timing and intuition concerning when things should be done, with whom, when and where. These abilities will be more easily understood in coming months. You can tap into unusual resources. There is always the supply you need. Share generously.

PISCES: You’re not an everyday sort of person. You don’t have the energy of Aries or the steadfastness of Taurus, the business acumen of Capricorn or the relating skills of Libra. You’re in touch with other states of reality, different values based on spiritual motivations. Know that you always have the ability to be thankful and have gratitude. You need music, art, culture, and to plant your spring garden from seeds. Happy Birthday, Pisces.

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