Brothers Create Undefinable, Yet Fun and Catchy Album

Brothers Create Undefinable, Yet Fun and Catchy Album
Tom and Hebron

Tom and Hebron

By Terrah Baker

Part electronica, part gospel, part soul, part folk, part pop, the brother musical duo Tom and Hebron are throwing their original and fresh sound into a new career and a new album, set to be released April 24.

Tom said he doesn’t remember the first time he realized his little bother could play guitar, but when he did, their musical career started.

“It started out of nowhere, I don’t know when he learned guitar, but one day he knew how to play every song off my Eric Clapton Unplugged,” Tom said. “When we were in college we went to U of A and I waited for him to get there and then we started playing.”

Since then, the brothers have produced two albums and gathered fans across the country. This year, the two took a huge step in thier music career and moved to Nashville, along with releasing a new album that is a little beyond modern definition, but still within the modern music scene.

Tom and Hebron’s sophomore album, Zoyugo, mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Brad Blackwood, takes “home recording” to a new level. As fresh as their 2012 debut, iTunes Top Rock charting album Ridge Runner, the brothers created a new brand of pop/rock songs that include a diversity of influences ranging from folk to electronic, old to new.

From a tin-roof cabin in the woods of rural Arkansas, the duo provided every bit of sound heard on the album. Which is impressive as you listen to each song take on a full range of harmonization and depth through both electronic and traditional instruments.

Produced, recorded, mixed, programmed and written entirely by the two brothers, Zoyugo, like its predecessor is as independent as it gets. All instruments (guitar, keyboard, rhythm, bass, strings, horns) and vocals were performed by the two for each of the 12 original tracks.

In 2013, this do-it-yourself attitude gained the brothers features on news programs, newspapers and magazines, as well as invites to showcases, charities and festivals.

Workhorse Creative Productions, the award-winning creative production company based in Jonesboro, branded and produced the album artwork and photography.

But the two have taken their music career to a new level, not seen by many once-local independent artists. While promoting the album over the next year, the two will spend their time in Nashville preparing a band that can tour, while also working their way into the national music industry. Tom said one of their main goals is to compose music for other musicians to play and to have their music featured in TV shows and commercials. Ultimately, their goal is to live off their music, because it’s what they love and are good at.

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