Acoustic Body Sculpting Hits U.S., NWA

Acoustic Therapy

Rebekah Horton performs Acoustic Body Sculpting on a client in the new Fayetteville location at 2520 E. Misson Blvd.

By Terrah Baker

Acoustic Body Sculpting technology is one of those things Europe saw first. Then Harrison resident and ultrasound technician Larry Horton caught a glimpse and decided Arkansas needed to get in on the action.

After being in the diagnostic ultrasound industry for 36 years, his research into the “successful” treatment technology led him to open his own business, first in Harrison a year ago in February, then in Fayetteville in October. What he learned was that through the use of ultrasound — high frequency sound waves — and radio frequency, fat cells can be sloughed off more quickly and collagen can be built back up for a leaner, tighter look and healthy weight loss without invasive surgery.

“The ultrasound is focused right on your skin and it vibrates and actually ruptures the cell membrane of the fat cell. It kind of liquefies the fat and your body can metabolize it just like you ate a cheeseburger,” said Fayetteville location operator and daughter of Horton, Rebekah Horton.

This may sound a little scary to the average on-looker, but Horton and his team say through very specialized and fine-tuned technology, only fat cells 1.5 cm under the skin are affected, causing no negative side effects to organs. Once the fat cells have been ruptured, the radio frequency takes over.

“The radio frequency stimulates the cell to create its own heat from within so it creates its own collagen. So that part can help tighten your skin and I’ve had clients who had pretty bad stretch marks and it’s really helped with that also,” Rebekah explained.

Acoustic body sculpting has been featured on mainstream television shows like Dr. Oz and Fox News in 2008, when it was already popular in Europe. Both say clients are happy with the results and no negative side effects have been found or reported since its inception.

In fact, many clients are using it instead of liposuction or other invasive, more expensive treatments. Rebekah explained that the technique is not meant for people wanting to lose excessive amounts of weight, but rather to slim and tighten areas that bother them, and as an aid to their existing diet and exercise plan.

The machines used for body sculpting are also used for other treatments for relaxation and detoxing of the lymph system.

“We also have hand pieces that allow us to do a type of hot stone treatment. I describe it as euphoric. It’s the most incredibly relaxing experience. It penetrates the muscle if you have sore muscles. We’ve actually seen bruises diminish,” said Harrison office technician Lori Davis.

Unlike traditional hot stone treatments, their method uses radio frequency to not only apply heat, but to make the cells create their own heat, intensifying the relaxation.

Both women said they’ve seen clients lose from 2 to 10 inches within five sessions, depending on their lifestyle and type of fat (how dense it is). They said it usually takes up to six sessions for optimal results, and they sell packages that accommodate that recommendation.

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