Musicians Produce Film To Capture Unique Performance

Musicians Produce Film To Capture Unique Performance
Shreve and SideshowRandall Shreve and The Sideshow Bring Vaudeville, Circus, Theatrical Performance Back To LifeBy Terrah Baker

Local musician Randall Shreve said it’s hard for out-of-town venue owners and listeners to understand the magic of their performance until it’s seen live.

“So many people have come up to us after our show and told us they’ve heard the CD but the live performance is so much better,” Shreve said.

Using the style of stride piano, heavy bass and melodies, Randall Shreve and The Sideshow bring the 1930’s vaudeville, saloon, circus atmosphere to life and transform venues into a place even regulars don’t recognize. That’s what they’ll be doing on Oct. 11 at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville when they film their live performance to produce a DVD, set to be released in the spring of 2014.

Part vaudeville show, part rock concert, part carnival, the Rock N’ Roll Circus will allow music patrons to step through a time-traveling portal and find themselves under the big top. In this fantasy nod to the vaudeville shows of yester-year, they’ll be incorporating traits like fire-breathers, burlesque dancers, masquerades and silent film stars, all ignited by the charismatic energy of Shreve and his Sideshow of rock n’ roll musicians.

“It’s hard to communicate what we do to venue owners or to anybody that we talk to in the industry. Even with the CD; the CD’s help, but we want to be able to show not just the style of music but the event that we’re bringing from 2014 on — with the staging and transformation of a venue from just a rock n’ roll venue to an event that’s like no other,” Shreve said.

After two years of extensive touring across the U.S., Randall Shreve and The Sideshow has built a fan-base of frenzied followers, who are struck by the band’s talent, unique presentation and electric live performance. These fans have dubbed themselves “The Sideshow Freaks.”

This DVD is partly in response to this fervor and dedication, and the band is about to take a leap into the great unknown and give their fans a completely unique experience. Shreve said the band hopes this DVD will not just be a taping of their live performance but a work of art, as he has recruited the artistic talents of professionals he’s worked with for years, including award-winning director Matthew Wolf.

Randall Shreve will be at a private party on Thursday, Oct. 10, from 7 – 9 p.m. at Speakeasy in Fayetteville for a meet-and-greet and a solo set. The Rock n’ Roll Circus event will take place on Oct. 11 at George’s Majestic Lounge at 10 p.m. To find out more about Shreve and his Sideshow, visit

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