Find Your Fall Fashion With A Make-Over

Show Off Your Personality, Flare and Potential

Aesthetician/massage therapist (facial, eyelash tint): Amelia Cox

Cut and Color: Melissa Arens, Daryl Lee

Hair Styling: Amanda Hallam

Make-up: Andi Wise

Manicure: Daryl Lee

Clothes Styling: Mayapple Salon and Boutique

Starting back to work and school, and just getting out of the rain and extreme heat, means reassessing our impact on the people we will meet on our journey. Nothing has quite the impact like expressing personal style. Often, between the everyday tasks and overwhelming responsibilities, we can lose our personal style and begin forgetting how good it can feel to look our best.

We wanted to show how one independent mom could freshen up her style with some simple changes, all of which are offered at our store, and many others throughout NWA.

Amelia Cox was our fall makeover winner! She is a hard working, local naturalist and registered nurse. Amelia currently stays home with her three children Leonard Eugene 1.5, Ruthie 6, and Jude 10. Her two oldest go to Prism Education Center and have been homeschooled in years prior. Amelia’s husband — formerly lead singer of local band Cletus Got Shot, now going solo as local musician Adam Cox — is also a hard working mechanic with his own small business, Cox Mobile Mechanics.

Mayapple and NWA honors hard-working citizens, and we wanted to show Amelia and you how some simple changes can make you feel amazing and ready to face any challenges that the coming fall and winter can throw at you.

— Melissa Arens, Mayapple Salon and Boutique


Before and afters Eminence Organic’s treatments facial and lash tint


Fashion 1-1

Before Facial

Fashion (1)

After facial

Fashion 2-1

Before hair makeover

Fashion 2-2

Before hair makeover

Fashion 2-3

Before manicure

Fashion 2

Before makeover

Fashion 3-3

After hair, make-up and style makeover

Fashion 3-2

After hair, make-up and style makeover

Fashion 3-5

After hair makeover

Fashion 3-6

After hair makeover

Fashion 3

After manicure


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