Compassion Games Bring Kindness To NWA

Compassion Games Bring Kindness To NWA

Compassion GamesFour Principles of Compassion:

1. To cultivate a disposition of loving-kindness and respect for ourselves.

2. To exhibit that in each human we interact with.

3. To commit to the service of others — in our neighborhoods, communities, and across the world.

4. To adopt an open-mindedness — and generative, generous spirit that leads to solving the world’s challenges.

Staff Report

Thanks to a now-famous author named Suzanne Collins, many have heard of the Hunger Games. Now, the Fayetteville Inclusion Action Group is making sure NWArkansans know of a different, more compassionate type of game with a similar name — The Compassion Games.

The idea is just like it sounds: teams compete in an 11-day competition where the winner will be named “Survival of the Kindest.” Fayetteville will join a number of cities around the country in helping to “heal, inspire and make communities safer, kinder, more just and better places to live.”

The Compassion Fayetteville Planning Team will facilitate the games that take place from Sept. 11 through Sept. 21, which will hold no winners or losers, just contestants seeing how much they can better their local community through random acts of kindness, becoming a Secret Agent of Compassion, or getting involved with a larger service project event.

Random acts of compassion can be performed for those known, those unknown, for the earth, or for yourself. Distinct from Service Projects — which are organized — these acts can be spontaneous, like smiling at a stranger, flashing the peace sign, calling your mother and just listening, leaving a larger tip, or anything that can help someone around you feel joy and that helps spread good energy to everyone.

The Secret Agent of Compassion receives a secret mission for each of the 11 days, attempting to fulfill a mission sent to them by team leaders.

To learn more, visit If you or your organization want information about how you can become involved and participate, please contact one of the following four organizers: Nancy Harris, Pattie Williams, Connie Crisp or Kati Street

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