Goodwill Hunting: Spring Showers

Goodwill Hunting: Spring Showers

Goodwill HuntingBy Emily Smith

April’s showers have brought the sweet sunshine, pinking cheeks all over town, and once again spring is in full bloom. Shorter hemlines, fewer layers and many more flashes of skin make this season a dressing treat for Fayetteville’s most fashionable.

Contrary to popular belief, looking Earth-movingly amazing, does not have to break the bank. Save those pretty pennies and start looking secondhand! The quintessential “Ready for Spring,” budget-conscious outfit (as seen here) costs every bit under $20 — every single day of the year. Period.

TRY OUT THIS MATH AND BLOW YOURSELF AWAY: One $500 dress from a high-end boutique = 25 head-to-toe OUTFITS when shopping second-hand. This number does not include the countless multitude of variations that come from mixing and matching all of your pieces into new creations.
Emily is the owner/curator of the online vintage boutique, Emily’s Onemanband ( Photos By Quentin Daniel Photography

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