Perpetual Werewolf Is Punk Spazz River With No Sides

Perpetual Werewolf Is Punk Spazz River With No Sides

Perpetual WolfBy Roger Barrett

Explaining Perpetual Werewolf is a difficult task, and could take years off your life. Try riding a fixed gear bike down the hill on Cleveland Street or streaking next to a church. The Fayetteville 3-piece is a river without sides, going where it wants to go and flooding when it wants to flood. You may have seen the band at George’s, a house party, or a Mexican restaurant because they play anywhere once, and everywhere simultaneously.

A riveting mix of doom and triumph, Perpetual Werewolf exists to score cult sacrifice. A trio powerful enough to save or destroy us all, a suicidal blend of Iron Maiden and spazz punk, and truly music to live and die by. Best experienced heard, their songs echo inside you and clear your mind of unused information before being spread by touch.

I asked Ruben Regalado, Drew Beckham, and Nicole Sexuar some questions and they responded.

Q: Give me a brief history of Perpetual Werewolf?
A: It started in 2005 as Man The Helm, The Pilot Always Dies First, a one-man myspace band. You can hear those original tracks at We still play them, but the sound is pretty different now. After a year of shows as a 4-piece, our keyboardist quit so we changed the name to Perpetual Werewolf in 2010.

Q: How have the songs changed during the years? How has the songwriting changed?
A: The songs are basically the same, except better. When we write songs we just try make music that we would want to hear.

Q: What nonmusical influences affect your music/lyrics?
A: Easy. Pizza.

Q: Any unexpected musical influences you’d like to share for the first time?
A: Nicole: Lady – Yankin’
Drew: It’s not the first time I’ve shared this, but everything I write for this band is inspired by NES music.
Ruben: Switchfoot, Yellowcard, or whatever is hot.

Q: Explain the recording process? Is there an ETA on the record?
A: We pretty much just play our set like we do at live shows. The only difference is that we’re naked. It’s hard to say when the album will be done, but it will probably be before the robot apocalypse happens. Maybe.

Q: Who else is playing your show on the 30th? What can we expect?
A: Eyes Of Iron, Dumptruck Boys, Mister Blister, and Creep Vibes. You can expect whatever you want, but that’s not what’s going to happen.
Listen to Perpetual Werewolf right now at:

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