Free Tibet NOW!

By Claire Ala

Political, social and religious Freedom is not something everyone is lucky enough to have. China encroaches on the Nation of Tibet and its peoples’ culture. Innocent people are losing their traditions, even their lives in a modern world where countries should be thinking how to coexist peacefully. China forces their communist government into an independent Tibet because they believe that Tibet is part of their land, therefore under their jurisdiction.

Tibetans are losing their human rights, due to the bigger country using manpower and violent force to get what they want. Why is it so wrong for Tibet to fight for their independence and embrace a unique identity?

China wants more land. The Population Reference Bureau shows data from mid-2012 with China’s population at a booming 1,350,378,000. With a population tipping over a billion and growing, China is looking for places to control and migrate into. In Tibet’s urban areas Tibetans are a minority. The majority of employees in cities are Chinese migrants, due to their government encouraging them to move out of China. On top of taking over Tibetan land, they use their soldiers and a surveillance system to control Tibet.

Tibetans are not allowed to protest for their rights or beliefs. China uses their military to enforce violence on these innocent civilians. About 300,000 Chinese soldiers occupy Tibet. Although Tibetans try to have peaceful protests, the Chinese use brutal force to annihilate any Tibetan attempt to speak about their oppression. These activists are arrested and tortured for innocent things like waving the Tibetan flag and giving out informative pamphlets. The Chinese government arrested 6,000 activists in 2008 and 1,000 of those protesters have not been found. Tibetans continue to protest today, however the Chinese have implemented more security.

The Chinese government tries to control all the media that comes in and out of Tibet. They monitor from the material in Tibetan television, printed works, radio and Internet. Someone is always watching what messages are being passed around. According to the Free Tibet organization, foreign journalists are rarely allowed to enter Tibet, and if so they are taken around by Chinese officials.

The Chinese government control is not something new to Tibetans. Since 1949 the Chinese demolished over 6,000 Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and shrines, leaving only eight monasteries by 1978. Tibetans have zero religious freedom. Anything about the Dalai Lama, such as a photo, is banned. China even limits the number of monks and nuns allowed to pray in a monastery.

Furthermore, the Chinese government commits an unforgivable atrocity-victimizing children. Tibet Watch has reports that show Tibetan children held prisoner for speaking out against their oppressors; their research includes events and the names of victims that were “children beaten, shot, imprisoned and killed for standing up for their rights.” These children are also left orphaned because the Chinese government murdered their activist parents.

Be aware that everyone in the world is not as fortunate as Americans. Take the time to become informed of what is going on around you, not only in your hometown or country. There are bigger problems in this world, so take the initiative to help. Your help can be as simple as passing the word on to others — anyone can make a difference!

You can find out more about Tibet’s fight for freedom and what you can do at

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