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House of Blurbs

The national animal protection organization Mercy For Animals ratcheted up its campaign against the world’s largest retailer two weeks ago, as the group unveiled a feast for Walmart President and CEO Mike Duke’s eyes — a controversial mobile billboard outside Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville. The billboard, which stems from a Mercy For Animals investigation into a Walmart pork supplier, declares, “Walmart: Stop Torturing Pigs” and features the image of a sow locked inside a narrow gestation crate. To watch a video of Bob Barker endorsing and talking about the

campaign, visit

Protecting Beaver Lake
Jason Kindall, Executive Director of the Beaver Watershed Alliance, announced EPA approval of the Alliance’s Beaver Lake Watershed Protection Strategy. Originally commissioned by the Northwest Arkansas Council in 2009, the Beaver Lake Watershed Protection Strategy is the guiding document for water conservation and watershed stewardship for Beaver Lake. The Beaver Watershed Alliance has adopted the document and spearheaded the spring 2012 revision and submitted the document for U.S. EPA acceptance. It would include elements like establishing a council, implementing best management practices and establishing an education and stewardship program. For more information,

Serena Perrone is a St. Louis, Mo. native whose artwork revolves around the longing to have a balance between culture and nature and was shown in last year’s Artosphere event.

Attention Artists!
As part of the 2013 Artosphere: Arkansas’ Arts & Nature Festival, Walton Arts Center is seeking proposals from visual and performing artists. Up to three grants may be awarded for the 2013 Artosphere Partner Grant program. Up to $6,000 may be granted for projects that support the mission and theme of Artosphere, and engage the community. Deadline for submission is Jan. 7 at 11:59 p.m., with an award announcement on Jan. 31. For more information on the application criteria, visit

Pets Get Hungry Too
The Ranger’s Pantry Pet Food Bank has now provided more than 50,000 pounds of cat and dog food to families in need living in Fayetteville since its founding in May 2010. Because 100 percent of the cash or food donations go straight to feeding the animals, you know your contribution is feeding hungry pet stomachs. If you want to contribute, donate at the Fayetteville Fire Station or the Community Services office on West Mountain in Fayetteville.

“Devil’s Eyebrow”
The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, in cooperation with the Arkansas Field Office of The Nature Conservancy recently purchased 1,375 acres in Benton County known as “Devil’s Eyebrow.” The area, located between U.S. 62 and Beaver Lake, has been identified as ecologically significant for Arkansas since the 1920s and today hosts more than 550 documented plant species, including 27 plants of state conservation concern and five that are globally rare. The site is frequented by wintering bald eagles and is the only known location in Arkansas for the rare black maple tree.

Fayetteville Earns “B” In Transparency
Sunshine Review, a nonprofit, pro-transparency organization, released a state transparency analysis for Arkansas’ government websites, that ranked Fayetteville’s Public Schools at an A-, and the city at a B. Washington County as a whole earned a D, along with Benton county. As for the entire state of Arkansas, well, the organization says they’re struggling to be transparent. “Out of the 38 states analyzed by Sunshine Review, Arkansas ranked 32nd in transparency. Arkansas’ state website failed to make public information on taxpayer funded lobbying,” they said. Find all the information at

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