A Southern Comfort Found In LIVE: No Chaser

A Southern Comfort Found In LIVE: No Chaser

By Claire Ala

Sarah Hughes Band is a nice Southern mix of folk and Americana style. Hughes has a comforting voice with a bit of twang that’s soothing to the ears. Along with a beautiful voice is a string of lovely music creating an upbeat atmosphere.
Hughes started dabbling with music in college with her freshman roommate.

“She gave me the confidence to get up there and do it,” Hughes said referring to her roommate as the first inspiration for playing music.

Reminiscing over a college memory when they played Neil Young’s “Down By the River,” Hughes credits this as the first time she thought to pursue a music career. She also gave kudos to her father for playing guitar throughout her childhood. Now, she finds inspiration in her life experiences.

“The main thing that inspires me is real life … close to 80-90 percent of my songs I have written are about true stories  — things that have actually happened,” Hughes said.

She finds real-life events like road trips are what make her strongest songs. Through each of her three albums it’s obvious to see her growth as an artist where she’s developed into a more creative songwriter.

Sarah Hughes Band’s original songs and catchy music earned the band its spot in the Northwest Arkansas Music Awards’ (NAMA) Hall of Fame. The band will be inducted next year. This major accomplishment comes from winning (NAMA) country band of the year three times.

Besides her many awards, Hughes has a new album coming out this Friday. Her new album, “LIVE: No Chaser” is her first album out since “No Seat Belt” in 2007. “LIVE: No Chaser” is unlike her previous two albums. It’s a live recording that was done in a single night.

“It’s called ‘No Chaser’ because it’s straight off the board. If we screwed up, we screwed up. You can’t go back and make it flawless. It’s just straight up — it’s raw,” Hughes explained.

For their first live recording, it’s nicely put together. There are eight tracks with a hidden one at the very end consisting of a funny surprise appearance from the bass player.

Hughes’ sexy country voice will make anyone want to put on a pair of boots and dance the night away. With a little bit of rock ’n’ roll and folk-like melodies, it’s a band that works well in various situations. Sarah Hughes Band will liven up the scenario whether it is playing in a bar or on an iPod around a relaxing campfire.

“LIVE: No Chaser” comes out Friday with a release party at George’s Majestic Lounge on Dickson Street. It’s an album that’s definitely something to treat your ears to. It will be available on iTunes, CD Baby, basically anywhere online, or stop by The Sound Warehouse on Block Street.

See http://www.sarahhughesmusic.com/ for more information on this cool band.

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