Happy Driving — Except On A Section Of College Avenue

Look out Northwest Arkansans! Especially those driving down North College Avenue between Sycamore and Sunbridge after July 26. That’s the day the Fayetteville Police Department stepped up their “directed traffic enforcement” in an effort to reduce vehicle accidents.

In other words, slow down, use your turn signal, or you’re getting a ticket.

But TFW is being conservative with that list of possible violations, as the police department lists six they will be exceptionally picky about: following too close, improper use of the center lane, failure to yield, failure to signal turn or lane changes, improper right turn and disobeying traffic signals.

Apparently, these mistakes cause the most accidents on this stretch of road.

The section between Sycamore and Sunbridge has seen 99 accidents in the past 12 months, while there have been 417 on College Avenue as a whole. The entire town of Fayetteville has seen 2,527. That means this section made up 3.9 percent of all accidents in Fayetteville, and is one of the most dangerous roads in Fayetteville for accidents, according to Craig Stout of the Fayetteville Police Department.

One solution: ride your bike! Happy driving out there and stay safe.

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