Festival Fashion

Festival Fashion

’Tis the season for festivals! Wakarusa is coming up at the end of the month, and fashionable and funky Fayetteville girls know how to look good, have fun and stay comfortable.

*All items can be found at Mayapple Boutique and Salon at 600 Center Street in Fayetteville*

Stylist: Natalie Denton

Makeup and Hair: Melissa Arens

Photographer: Celi Birke

Candy Kid Meets Hipster

Model: Desiree Easley



Glam but down to rough it, this girl comes prepared. The leather holster with pockets and zippers has ample storage space for the necessities — cell phone, cash, smokes, camera, chewing gum, lipstick/chapstick. Purses are for girls. Holsters are for women.

Before she grabs her neon hula hoop and glo-stick bracelets, she is casual and All-American with earrings made from PBR cans and a red-white-and-blue Beastie Boys tee that is recycled.

Recycled, resold and vintage fashion pieces are at the heart of the Fayetteville hipster fashion scene. Vintage/resale gals are usually interested in finding unique items that are just as one-of-a-kind as they are. No faux old school allowed. Ya hear?Even ladies with a short bob won’t be able to resist pulling their hair back into a pony tail, so don’t forget to bring the bands, bobby pins and head scarves that will keep your up-do options bountiful during the four days of outdoor festivities.

Recycled Tee: $25, Cut-off shorts: $20, Leather 2013 Ad Holster: $120, Trashy Trash PBR earrings: $12

Flower Child

Model: Caitlin Cooper

These mustard and gold tie-dyed, high-waisted culottes are show stopping. Made by local designer Emily Smith with OneManBand Designs, these pants are a one-of-a-kind item. The colors of gold, ivory and blue are a classic summer palette, but the tie-dye and crochet give this outfit the vintage Flower Child feel perfect for any ultra femme nature lover.

The cropped vintage top is handmade and sports laced crochet work. The simple mustard and white moon and star motif on the necklace takes the outfit from earthy to stellar.

GET THIS LOOK: Tease and back comb your hair to achieve the desired amount of volume. Tie the scarf around your head and pin in place with a bobby pin. Take a section of hair from beneath the scarf and braid. Pull the braid over the scarf and pin. For the true Flower Child look, grab your favorite wildflower and weave it between the sections of hair in your braid.

Pants:$25, Top: $25, Necklace: $12, Scarf: $10

Amazon Woman

Model: Cloey Grote

Sun-kissed and all in black, not-so-subtle details make this girl stand out. Comfort meets style with a simple sheer maxi skirt with attached boy shorts. If the weather gets hot, and we bet it will, you can use one of your ponytail holders to tie back your shirt. Cropped tanks and bustiers are hot this festival season, and that little extra air on your midriff will keep you cooler.

The chunky necklace made of fabric is a nod to the traditional tie-dye, and while black and tan has been a long avoided fashion no-no, it is now the rebel’s choice for neutral combos — both on the runway and on the streets.

Bronze self-applied henna tattoos are a great way to express yourself and have fun with your friends during a festival. You can pick up a bottle of henna at Sound Warehouse on Block Ave. (Just sayin’.)

GET THIS LOOK: Faux dreads! This is perfect for the laid back festival girl who wants to try the dread look but isn’t quite ready to commit. Buy some dread wax, we’ll suggest Knotty Boy Dread Wax (because we know where you can find it — Mayapple Salon). Twist the wax into different sections of  your hair and wash out when you’re ready for a new style. The look lasts for two to three days!

Skirt: $40, Tank: $10, Scarf: $22. Knotty Boy Dread Wax: $?


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