Fashion Forward Fayetteville

Photo by Emily Smith: Whether you're spinning in a fouette or just aiming to turn heads, leg warmers are a trendy,funky way to keep warm and show of your stems.

By Emily V. Smith

OK, maybe it’s because I am a child of the ’80s and a gargantuan fanatic of the movie “Flashdance,” but I tend to stay true to my roots and call upon my fondness of fuzzy knit leg warmers as the chill in the air hits new lows. What better way to cover up and show off a great pair of gams when it is below freezing outside? You can wear them tall or scrunch them short. You can pull them over heels, flats and boots alike, and layer them with tights when a night on the town calls for the shortest of skirts.
Sure, it is a trend, but one that has been around since the New York City ballet companies made them a mainstay in the early 1970s. I like to think of them as socks for the wickedly in-style and wear my warmers whenever I feel like I may break into song and dance and bust out a few of my famous high kicks — yeah, I still got it, and thank “A Chorus Line” for reminding me my fun fetish with leg warmers will likely never go out of style — until I hit my 40s, I suppose.

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