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One Night With the Queen

By Blair Jackson It is 4 p.m. at Tangerine, in the middle of registration for the Miss Gay Northwest Arkansas pageant, and I am (technically) the only girl in the

Advice Advice Goddess

Advice Goddess

Slipping Beauty I’m in a great relationship of seven months. My boyfriend and I never get sick of each other. We respect each other and are there for each other,

Family Friendly

Letters to the Editor

“Reclaim Your Mind” When I saw the heading of your editorial “Occupy Your Mind,” I was reminded of the phrase “reclaim your mind” that was attributed to the late Terence


Is Occupy Wall Street a Socialist Movement?

In a Bill O’Reilly segment, the commentator accused Occupy Wall Street of opposing capitalism, citing the outrage protesters have expressed over “distribution of wealth.” “Wealth is not distributed in America.

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ARIES: Your natural passionate love has experienced a few setbacks or separations, or a coldness has come over your relationships, which is best thought of as introducing practicality in relationships.


Old 78's New Album is a Hit

By Tim Newman Contributing Writer The most recent album by The Old 78’s, “The Women Wear No Clothes At All,” is as lively as it is old-timey. With a vast


Daddy Warbucks

Well, gentle readers, the Bank of Fayetteville, long rumored to be selling to First National Bank of Fort Smith, may, and I repeat may not be selling. Insiders tell Daddy


Candy's Back on the (Musical) Menu

By Blair Jackson Candy Lee, the voice of the folk jazz band Candy Lee and the Sweets has returned to Northwest Arkansas to kick off her tour of the Southern


Refinding and Redefining American Art

By Blair Jackson The art world is buzzing in light of this week’s opening of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville. Featuring artists from the eras of American



TODAY George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville: Pink Trash Ball for the Komen Foundation with Vocal Trash Goodfolk, Fayetteville: Women Songwriters Circle with Candy Lee, Tiffany Christopher, Carter Sampson and Shannon Wurst