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The People Behind the Protest

By Blair Jackson Editor Occupy Wall Street began almost a month ago, when a few hundred protesters declared an occupation of Zuccotti Park in New York City. Critics scoffed at

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'Nevermind' Turns 20

By Michael Chanay TFW Contributing Writer With the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” having come and gone last month, it seems that now is as good a time as any

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Live Music

THURSDAY, OCT. 13 George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville: John Shorter Band JJ’s Grill, Fayetteville: A&W JJ’s Grill, Rogers: Chris Alan Craig Pesto Cafe, Fayetteville: Kevin Bennoch Rowdy Beaver, Eureka Springs: Karaoke

Advice Advice Goddess

Advice Goddess

I feel like a disappointment to my boyfriend of seven months. I’m 28; he’s 35 and Mr. Smart. He is a Brit and was a top student at Cambridge. He

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ARIES: Thoughts turn toward relationships — how they serve, tend and care for you, your expectations, how they free or restrict you. Choose now, with awareness and depth, to make

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Finding Support

By Blair Jackson Editor Susan Earnest’s official title is breast care navigator. Working with the Cancer Support Home, she journeys alongside women as they fight the disease — through the


Same Old Formula

By Matt Dekinder Contributing Writer The same romantic comedy comes out about five times every year. Oh sure, there are subtle differences such as setting (maybe it’s New York, maybe

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ARIES: An interlude (pause) is occurring in your relationships with others. It may feel different and disconcerting. The reality is that a balance is taking place, so you can ponder

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National Coming Out Day

Oct. 11, 1987 — Half a million people marched in the streets of Washington, D.C., to support Gay and Lesbian Rights. At the time, it was the largest organized march


Daddy's Back

Daddy Warbucks is Back Well a couple of years ago, Daddy Warbucks moved down to the Key West, Fla., to escape the waning days of Houston Dale Nutt’s tenure as