ARIES: Thoughts turn toward relationships — how they serve, tend and care for you, your expectations, how they free or restrict you. Choose now, with awareness and depth, to make relationships more loving, kind and filled with intentions of goodwill.
TAURUS: You ponder upon a totally different lifestyle that includes community and things sustainable. Meet with like-minded others also facing the unknown future. Research and plan simultaneously.
GEMINI: You need to learn the new physics so you can inform the rest of humanity. Like Taurus you are to be concerned about safety concerns beyond now and you need new information in order to re-educate humanity.
CANCER: Your tasks are about family, your garden, property, farming, elders, parenting, home and community. It’s important to share with those close to you what you know about the present world situation.
LEO: A new cycle of focused creativity and new identity begins. In your community of peers, forming community in the coming times, others would look to you for direction.
VIRGO: It’s most important to realize that values are shifting and changing.  An economic reorientation is occurring. Are you one of the new world servers who can help create the new materialism? Is your garden growing?
LIBRA: A new life structure begins for you this autumn, slowly changing your sense of identity and artistic creative self. Profound new perceptions continue to occur concerning resources and communication with others.
SCORPIO: Mercury, as messenger, is influencing and informing you about the new ethics and ways of being needed to cultivate the new world civilization. Mercury is your spiritual helper, developing contact with the divine.
SAGITTARIUS: Beliefs change when you consider what your goals were previously and what they are now. To maintain equanimity become a bit more non-conforming. Show worthwhile friends they are valuable.
CAPRICORN: You will tilt toward a new symmetry in the new year. Remember, to honor excellence in your family and your friends. Lives change when excellence is supported.
AQUARIUS: It’s good to allow challenges, new inventions and things different into your life. They will widen your perspectives and expand your courage.
PISCES: Reality will drift here and there, resources will change. Solitude leads you into the new reality. Hold on. Keep swimming.

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